Building a Better Life for the People

By protecting the environment we also create a better future for the humankind. In anticipation of the grand results, we don’t lose track of the immediate goals and most pressing issues. Our top priority is to build a better life for the people, while doing our duty towards protecting the planet. Together with our partners, we strive to improve people’s lives through local and global projects. We help communities become more resilient in a fast-changing environment, while adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

Respect for Human Rights

Bringing people together in our common quest to create a better world can only be achieved by respecting human rights. We strongly believe that everyone deserves to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect for human life. This is a commitment shared by our partners and together, we strive to address the pressing issues on human rights in a global economy aiming to become carbon neutral.
Our continued pledge to enhanced transparency regarding all our activities is an essential ingredient in the recipe for success. All our partnerships are fully transparent and are committed to respecting the human rights of the most vulnerable members of society. This includes the upholding of water and land rights, the prevention of involuntary resettlement and the protection for freedom of speech.

Fair Treatment and Equity

A successful transition to a sustainable economy that values strong environmental principles can’t be done at the expense of regular people. Fair treatment and equity are two of our guiding principles that apply to all the actions we undertake with our partners. In our quest to build a better world for future generations, we pay close attention to the needs of people today.
Equity is vital for helping people accomplish their goals, by providing them with the means to overcome obstacles. We aspire to achieve fair outcomes for our partners and the people making the transition to a circular economy. By providing them with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed and finding ways to address the disadvantages in economic opportunity, we strive to give everyone a fair chance.

Enhancing Health and Welfare

Long-term processed of this magnitude can only be accomplished if the health and welfare of all its stakeholders are secured first. The CCF makes it one of its top priorities to create the framework needed for the enrichment of wellbeing of local communities. Enhancing physical and mental health is essential in overcoming the many obstacles blocking the way to a sustainable future.
Together with our partners, we promote physical and mental health awareness sessions that help solve problems before they become emergencies. Developing the right set of skills and knowledge to confidently discuss and solve these major challenges is a main concern. We support the development of technologies that provide on-site and remote support to overcome health challenges.

Permian Global

Permian Global is an investment company committed to the protection and recovery of natural forest ecosystems. It is committed to creating the best possible forest carbon projects in order to address climate change. In so doing, it aims to make a transformational impact on vulnerable communities, habitats and wildlife in some of the poorest regions of the world.

Puter Foundation

Puter Foundation (Yayasan Puter) is a not-for-profit organization based in Bogor with the core mission to develop and implement innovative approaches in people-based planning processes. The foundation leads the Katingan Mentaya Project activities that relate to community development.

Wetlands International

Wetlands International is an international NGO dedicated to maintaining and restoring wetlands—for their environmental values as well as for the services they provide to people. The organization works through a network of offices, partners and experts, with financing by governments and private donors, and membership

Our goals

Reducing deforestation and supporting sustainable development opportunities in Borneo.


1. To deliver verified GHG emission reductions through avoided deforestation and forest degradation associated with agricultural conversion, illegal logging, peat drainage and burning.


  1. To foster inclusive partnerships and a culture of sustainability in local communities that acts to reduce poverty in all of its dimension

  2. To maintain and enhance ecosystem services which are fundamental to the overall well-being of communities in the project zone.


  1. To reduce threats to the biodiversity in the project area by eliminating drivers of deforestation and forest degradation and increasing forest cover.

  2. To maintain natural habitats, ecological integrity and overall biological diversity.

  3. To actively protect species of High Conservation Value.