Building a Low Carbon Future

Clean energies are the future and making the switch from oil and gas to low and no carbon investments is our top priority. There is already tremendous interest for such a transition, with investments in low carbon electricity, bioenergy and hydrogen use being coveted plans. The interest for disruptive new technologies capable of building a low carbon future is growing and the GFL is a staunch supporter of such plans.


Expanding the wind energy business is one of our priorities and a clear path towards decreasing the carbon footprint. Wind farms can generate sufficient clean energy to power millions of households and provide an inexpensive and environmental-friendly solution. As an investment, it can create millions of new jobs both directly and through the supply chain, therefore increasing wellbeing and prosperity.


Solar energy is an infinite source of power, so tapping into its immense potential is another top priority. We encourage companies to invest in solar energy projects and provide insights on how to become energy independent while protecting the environment. Cutting-edge technologies act as a catalyst for growth in an industry that already delivers palpable results for millions.


Bioenergy is still a fringe concept for many companies, but one that has the potential of becoming mainstream in the years to come. Early adopters will reap the benefits of using biofuels as an inexpensive, clean source of renewable energy. It can help reduce carbon emissions in some of the most sensitive industries, such as the aviation sector, so its impact can be spectacular.