Carbon Pricing – The Impetus to Energy Efficiency

Achieving Net Zero is a complex process that requires a thorough change and a willingness to adopt a new vision of doing business. Carbon offsets are just one of the many tools that companies can use to achieve their goals, but a very important one. We strongly believe that any policies that support the goal of achieving net zero emissions are worth pursuing, carbon pricing included.


Our partners are responsible enterprises that have already embraced the new approach towards building a sustainable future. Carbon pricing provides others with the impetus to join this fast-growing trend and turn their businesses into energy efficient ventures. The creation of a unitary and coherent pricing system will provide the credibility and predictability needed for carbon offsets to work.

Globally, more than 20% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are covered by different carbon pricing systems. In addition to providing a strong incentive for companies to move closer to the ambitious Net Zero goal, carbon offsets also provide the foundation for sustainable investments. We believe that the expansion of carbon pricing will push the deployment of renewable energy into overdrive.

In order to achieve the goal of creating an economy-wide carbon pricing plan, a single policy is needed. Providing a coherent approach that prevents the overlapping of carbon pricing and a unitary point of regulation will give offsets more credibility. This will make investments in accredited emission reduction programs more desirable, while providing cash-strapped governments with a source of green revenue.