Circularity through sustainable purchasing

Sustainable purchasing is an essential ingredient in the recipe for reducing greenhouse gas emission. Consumption is one of the biggest catalysts for economic growth and reining it in can only be done without incurring significant financial losses. Circular economies and sustainable supply chains are the solution promoted by the GFL and our partners.


We strongly believe that by keeping materials in use for a longer period of time, we can decrease pollution and waste. Linear economies take a heavy toll on the environment and the transition to circular ones is overdue. The time is now to reconsider the manner we treat waste and switch to circular principles that allow the recycling of core materials.


Better material flow analysis and superior waste stream reporting help companies reduce their carbon footprint while reducing costs. Together with our partners we identify the best circular opportunities and implement cost-effective solutions. The effect is a reduction of single-use plastic consumption, recycling materials resulting from the decommissioning of operations and preventing water waste.