Who are we

Climate change requires urgent, coordinated, and consistent action.

The Green Future Lab (GFL) engages and coalesces leaders of public, private and social sectors in shared and sustainable value creation. We strive to help the world come closer to the ambitious goal of reaching net zero emissions while improving living conditions of local communities.

We aspire to engage stakeholders in shared and sustainable value creation, identify and overcome the latest climate challenges. Climate change requires urgent, coordinated and consistent action and the GFL advocates rapid and decisive action. We help our partners tap into the knowledge, resources and experience of their peers and promote dialogue and collaboration between stakeholders.

We promote transparency and cooperation between civil society, government, public and private sectors.As a non-profit independent organization with a worldwide reach, we see the bigger picture and focus on global issues. Through high-level meetings and wide networks, we bring together for the common goal of building a future-oriented society.