Our short and long term goals

Our organization honors diversity and strives for continuous improvements in living conditions of local communities and society at large. We encourage companies to responsibly manage near term, medium-term and long-term value creation in pursuit of sustainable returns. Each of our stakeholders is essential and these are our key areas of focus:

Overhaul Businesses for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Smart technology is the driving force behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an ongoing and irreversible process. It will alter the way we live, work and interact with others in ways unimaginable a few decades ago. The public favors companies that have a responsible behavior towards the environment, employees and the community. The Lab helps businesses adjust to these expectations by promoting such values.

Promoting Circular Economy

Fighting climate change is impossible without the decrease of waste and pollution. The GFL promotes circular economy and the benefits of the reuse, repair and shared use of products. We highlight the perks of preserving existing products and provide guidelines on achieving this without a decrease in the standard of living or profit.

Involvement through Digitalization

The Lab is a staunch promoter of transparency and decisive action, two key ingredients in the recipe for success. We believe that a sustainable future can only be built on a solid foundation that involves all the stakeholders. Digitalization brings power to the citizens and empowers them to contribute directly to long term projects that impact local communities directly.