Why is our work meaningful?

We are equally committed to addressing the challenges of climate change and achieving goals without collateral victims. Fighting climate change implies certain costs for societies and individuals alike. We believe that change for the better is possible without individuals having to pay a terrible price. Our goal is to accomplish the green objectives while making the transition process smoother and less painful for those affected by it. We explain how the “The European Green Deal” and the “Just Transition Mechanism” can work for the benefit of those involved in this transition.


The GFL is an impartial organization with no commercial interest. We have a single goal, of making a significant contribution to addressing the greatest single challenge of our times: climate change. This makes us a trustworthy and reliable partner to representatives of the public, private and social sectors. Our objectives are grand, but our actions are concrete, sustainable and measurable.


We operate on a global scale and see the world as an interconnected ecosystem. To achieve our goals, we look at the biggest picture, without neglecting the details that can affect local communities. We feel that our responsibility is towards society as a whole and we encourage perspectives from all stakeholders.


As we have our sights on the long term achievements, we don’t underestimate or neglect the emergencies and pressing matters of the day.  Our sustained commitment for the future doesn’t make us blind to the present.